Sheri Peabody’s New Empirical Knowledge from the Medical Cannabis Certificate

By Pacific College - April 29, 2021
A photo of Sheri A. Peabody, MSN, MA, APRN, ANP-BC

Sheri A. Peabody, MSN, MA, APRN, ANP-BC: “I am so thankful and grateful for educators like Eloise Theisen and Dr. Carey Clark for creating this Medical Cannabis Certificate program. I had just completed Dr. Dustin Sulak’s Healer Medical Cannabis Wellness Advisor Training and felt that I wanted to gain more empirical knowledge about medicinal cannabis therapy. This certificate course did that and so much more. What I found not only ignited the pure delight and joy of learning, but also surprised me to the core. I was concerned that the information presented would not be empirically-based because there was not enough current scientific data to build upon, but, what I found, to my astonishment, was the exact opposite. This course, with Eloise Theisen’s expert guidance, helps you find the data to support your practice and cannabis treatment modalities. By taking this course, I can look at both sides of the cannabis argument, read the scientific data, and feel confident with the resulting cannabis treatment plan. What a relief!


I plan to use the information within the Medical Cannabis Certificate program as both bedrock and scaffolding for medicinal cannabis holistic and integrative medical practice. The website is live and the marketing campaign has begun: the cannabis-friendly business can be found at

I have loved everything about this certificate course.  The multiple learning modalities such as video guest speakers, live presentations and readings, and discussion boards make the content come alive. Eloise Theisen’s compassion, kindness, caring, and openness have created a place of the utmost trust and clarity. This has allowed the cohort’s discussion to be rich with wisdom as we navigate the content together. My heart is full of gratitude for Eloise and my fellow students within this course. Thank you to everyone!!”

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