A photo of Dr. Spinner

Dr. Jovonni Spinner is a results-driven, award-winning visionary public health strategist committed to improving health equity across the life span. She creates culturally competent health education and training programs, uses advocacy and spokespersons skills to lead equity-driven conversations, builds multi-sector partnerships, and oversees long-term strategic plans guided by scientific evidence and regulatory policy to implement balanced decisions.

She shines at telling public health stories, giving voice to those rarely heard. She uses a people-centric leadership style to inspire and boost team performance; build organization culture, facilitate change management, and nurture talent. All while shifting mindsets to use an equity lens to address health disparities and enlightening senior leaders to influence policy and systems change.

She has led state and national health equity-driven programs like the Diversity in Clinical Trials Initiative, Community Health Worker Health Disparities Initiative, and Virginia Vaccines for Children Program which have reached millions of consumers to help them make better informed health decisions, obtain the services they need, and advocate for healthier communities.

She is active in her community serving on non-profit boards, writing women’s health articles, and mentoring early-career professionals. She is also an adjunct public health professor at Pacific College teaching Social Determinants of Health and Health Behavior and Health Promotion Program Planning and Implementation courses.

She is an alum of Virginia Commonwealth University, Emory University, and Morgan State University.

If you are interested in learning more about our public health education degree program, please visit the Pacific College of Health and Science’s public health education degree program page.

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