Dr Thomas Leung

Pharm BS., DACM, L.Ac, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Thomas Leung is  the second generation owner and CEO of legendary Kamwo Herbs in New York City. He has earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College Health and Science. He is a fourth generation TCM practitioner and has been schooled in Chinese Medicine since childhood.

His great grandfather, Yingyuan Leung, began a Chinese Medicine lineage from the late Qing Dynasty while his grandfather, Huidao Leung, provided tutelage to Dr. Leung’s father as a Chinese Medicine doctor in Hong Kong. His father, Dr. Leung senior, has over forty years’ experience in practicing Chinese herbs and wrote two books entitled “Guide to Healthy Living for the Chinese in North America” and “The Potent Man’s Guide to Chinese Herbs, Food, Drink”.

Dr. Thomas Leung’s background in Pharmacology and Chinese Medicine offers him a unique perspective and is often regarded as a bridge between TCM and western medicine. Dr. Leung has been a  Chinese herbs professor at Pacific College of Health Sciences since 2002.

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