Hashemipour, David M., PhD, LAc, MD

Dr. Hashemipour holds a clinical PhD in acupuncture and Oriental medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and a foreign medical doctor (MD) degree in Western medicine. With over 25 years of clinical experience in both Western and Oriental medicine, he served as a professor at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine for over 7 years, dedicating his expertise to the practice and teaching of integrative medicine. Additionally, he holds an advanced certificate in tui na from Dongzhimen Hospital, affiliated with Beijing University.

Possessing dual doctorate degrees in Western and Eastern medicine, Dr. Hashemipour adopts an integrative approach to a wide range of diseases. Dr. H has been actively involved in teaching and researching Integrative Medicine for over two decades, establishing himself as an expert in the field of Integrative medicine. He has been dedicated to the practice of integrative medicine in his Manhattan-based clinic for several years.

Dr. Hashemipour has been teaching courses on “Advanced Integrative Diagnosis” and “Integrative Case Management” within the doctorate program at PCHS since 2016 and created the Advanced Integrative Diagnosis course.

Dr. Hashemipour compiled and edited the textbook Chinese Medicine Study Guide Diagnostics, published by PMPH in 2008. He served as a council member of the specialty committee of Internal Medicine in the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS) in China.

Notably, Dr. Hashemipour was selected to work as an integrative medicine doctor in the Olympic Village during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and replicated similar roles during the 2010 Asian Games, applying tui na and acupuncture. Since 2017, Dr. Hashemipour has been an active member of the eligibility committee at NCCAOM. Furthermore, he has been teaching the “Integrative Psychiatry” course for the doctorate program (DAOM) at AAHW college (formerly named AAAOM) since 2016.

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