Douat, Joseph, LAc

Joseph Douat started his journey in Oriental Medicine in 1980 studying shiatsu massage and macrobiotic principles. Since then he earned a BA in psychology from Chapman University and an MTOM from Pacific College. He has worked in a variety of medical settings: at the Macrobiotic Health Center of Vermont providing shiatsu massage and macrobiotic cooking instruction, at the Boyd-Olson Chiropractic Clinic, focusing on orthopedic issues, at the Bob Smith Medical Clinic and HARP (Holistic Aids Response Program), providing acupuncture services to patients with HIV. Joseph established Vital Point Center for Acupuncture and Massage in 1992, where he continues to work in private practice, specializing in orthopedics, digestive problems, and stress management. Joseph joined PCHS as a Clinical Supervisor in 1998. He participated in the development of the Geriatric Clinic and was instrumental in opening an internship shift at the UCSD’s Owen Clinic. In addition to his training and expertise in Oriental Medicine, Joseph has a longstanding interest in the healing properties of food. He has since incorporated Chinese principles into his understanding of nutrition. Cooking is a passion for Joseph, which he has inherited from his native France. Joseph has also completed a certification in the culinary arts.

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