Conover, William K.C., LAc, MTOM

K.C. Conover began his career and study of Oriental Medicine in 1983 while attending Mueller College of Massage in San Diego. He was a guest instructor there, and at the California College of Natural Therapy for several years before entering Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1987. Graduating in 1990 from PCHS with a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine degree, K.C. began a busy private practice as a licensed acupuncturist in San Diego. Continued studies in the field of Oriental Medicine won him the honorific title Fellow of the International Academy of Clinic Acupuncture. From 1992 to the present he has been an active faculty member and clinical supervisor at PCHS. He has taught various level classes including Massage, Anatomy, Herbology, Acupuncture Techniques, Point Location, Diagnosis and Evaluation. After traveling to Japan in 1997 to study under internationally renown master practitioner Shudo Denmei sensei, K.C. developed the Introduction to Japanese Acupuncture I course at PCHS. He continues to teach the Introduction to Japanese Acupuncture II and III. He has practiced Japanese Meridian style acupuncture since 1989 and continues to study the teachings of master practitioners Shudo Denmei sensei, Ikeda Masakazu sensei, Shoji Kobayashi sensei, to name a few. Formerly, KC was the Coordinator of Offsite Clinics. He oversaw PCHS acupuncture clinics involved with San Diego Hospice and the Institute for Palliative Medicine, Rady Children.

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