New Financial Aid Options for Our ACCSCT Accredited Programs!

The cost of college no longer needs to hold students back from pursuing a new career. Pacific College can help you become a healer today with our new Financial Aid options for many of our degree programs. Due to our recent ACCSCT accreditation, eligible, enrolling students can now apply for financial aid for our MSTOM, MSAc, Bachelor, Associate and Massage certificate programs. With new financial options available, Pacific College presents the perfect opportunity for students to start a new career and achieve their next level of success.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine has always been known for its Master’s of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Oriental medicine degrees. The recent accreditation by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) to Pacific College’s MSTOM, Bachelor’s, Associate’s, and massage certificate programs is a great honor. This accreditation is testament to the commitment of PCOM’s Board of Education, the knowledge of its faculty, the competence of the administration and staff, and the amazing results achieved by its students and graduates. Accreditation is a voluntary, private, non-governmental, peer-review process that sets standards of educational quality.

Accreditation enables institutions like PCOM to be eligible for federal financial aid, thus expanding the financial options of, and aid available to, its students. One of the highest forms of peer review, accreditation recognizes the success and prestige of a campus, and makes it more well-known to future applicants, as well as providing more benefits to those that already attend.

Many factors are involved in the process of accreditation. Not only is an institution’s faculty, admissions practices, facilities, learning resource system, financial and administrative capability, and student services each assessed, but also the outcomes of its various students. Favorable completion and job placement rates, state licensing examinations, and success with employers and student satisfaction is each taken into account as well. Pacific College has demonstrated success in each of these areas.

The ACCSCT is listed by the United States Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. This is an honor for PCOM, and is symbolic of the school’s dedication to providing quality education and professional triumph of its students a priority. This recent accreditation continues to set apart Pacific College of Oriental Medicine as an institution committed to excellence.

For more information on financial aid at Pacific College, please call 800-729-0941.

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