Dr. Mariano Recognized by Global Academy of Holistic Nursing

Mariano, Carla, EdD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAIM
Dr. Carla Mariano, who developed the AHNCC endorsed RN-BSN program here at Pacific College of Health and Science, has been invited to join The Global Academy of Holistic Nursing as an Honorary Holistic Nursing Scholar based on her leadership, advocacy, achievements, and contributions to Holistic Nursing the advancement of the specialty.
The founding of the Academy highlights the important contributions Holistic Nursing makes to transforming nursing and health care, especially in the current healthcare climate. As a new organization, it is committed to supporting the American Holistic Nursing Association’s mission while expanding the reach for advancing holistic nursing praxis worldwide.
The Global Academy of Holistic Nursing in support of the American Holistic Nurses Association’s mission and concert with the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation will focus on advancing the Specialty of Holistic Nursing around the world. The vision is the creation of global communities that embrace the praxes of holistic health, wellness, and social justice. The unique purpose of the Academy is to cultivate a network of Holistic Nursing Scholars who have shown leadership and commitment to expanding sustainable transcultural and integrative caring-healing processes that affect global health care transformation.
Holistic Nurse Scholars will collaborate with international and national organizations to support sustainable programs that embody attributes of social justice, equity, and diversity. Through these initiatives, Scholars validate holistic nursing’s unique contribution to advancing the art and science of holistic nursing through discovery, education, practice, and policy.
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