How to Market Yourself and Your Practice

How to Market Yourself and Your Practice

Once you have completed your education and are ready to open your massage therapy or acupuncture practice, you’ll need to start filling up your calendar with clients. While traditional advertising can help bring people in, focusing on marketing allows you to boost your presence without paying a lot of money for print or online ads.

Alert the Press

Send out a press release when your practice opens – and every time you have a special event. Even a simple release can get you media attention, and every time you are mentioned in a local publication you make an impact. Press coverage does not cost you a thing, and sending out regular releases can help your business get noticed. Send a release to your local papers, and in-town or area magazines and any locally focused news websites; even a single write up can boost your new client roster considerably.

Focus on Education

Do your target prospects understand what you do – and do they know how to find you? Inbound marketing, or providing education for your prospects, allows you to inform people about your services and lets them know where to go when they need help. From putting out reliable, well written content on your own site or as a guest on another, authoritative site to doing in person talks and presentations, educating prospective clients about the benefits of massage therapy or acupuncture can help drive traffic to your door.

Have an Online Presence

A website is a must for any practitioner. According to recent research from the PEW Center, 64% of all adults now own a smartphone and use it daily. A responsive website allows anyone using a mobile device or computer to find you and your practice instantly. A fully optimized website offers clients a glimpse into what you have to offer and invites them to get in touch. If you can’t be found online, some clients will pass you by. Your site also allows you to educate and inform your prospects and gives you somewhere to provide additional information about your practice, offerings and services.

Consider Video

According to marketing experts at HubSpot, video content continues to offer the highest return on your marketing investment, so creating your own video content makes it easy to get your message in front of customers. As social media outlets like Facebook attempt to compete with video giant YouTube, video content may receive a higher placement in search and newsfeed results, making your content more visible to your target audience.

Get Social

Creating a presence on social media allows your clients to connect with you regularly. You can offer educational posts and advice for solving typical patient complaints, share promotions your acupuncture therapy practice is offering and interact with your target prospects. Use one or more social media outlets to boost your online presence, engage your followers and position yourself as an expert in your field.

PCOM’s acupuncture, massage therapy or holistic nursing programs can give you the skills you need to help others and build a massage therapy practice you’ll truly enjoy. Contact us to learn how to get started or to pick up some valuable new skills designed to expand your business.

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