Herbal Medicine During Pregnancy

By Pacific College - December 27, 2014

At the time of pregnancy, nutrients are needed to cerate the cell needs to give the extra pounds of nerves, organs, glands, uterine muscle, skin of the fetus and bones, a placenta,several pounds of amniotic fluid, and an increase in blood volume. Moreover,  extra liver and kidney cells are required to process the waste for both child and the mother. For such a process, a large amount of vigor and energy is required in the mother’s body, which is why it’s very important that extra nourishment is taken to meet all these requirements.

There are many herbs, which can be useful for certain ailments related to pregnancy.  They can give you daily nourishment if you take it fresh with your meal or as an infusion or standard brew. Herbs have a large variety of the minerals and vitamins that our bodies require for good health and when you eat the herbs in your meal or drink as an infusion, your body can easily digest the nutrients as they are being consumed in natural form. The herbs can also fight with particular health challenges, which are seen during pregnancy. Some of the basic health remedies are available for conditions like iron deficiency, muscle cramps, aches, heartburn and morning sickness. With the help of the herbs, the effect of the symptoms are reduced, and it supports the body in healing the main cause of these different conditions.

Herbs are also used in the end of the pregnancy for supporting the birth process. They are very helpful in several birthing situations like ripening the cervix, initiating labor, vaginal pain following birth, addressing post-partum hemorrhage.

Herbs can also continue to be used once your baby has arrived. Some can assist you with post-partum depression, lactation and sore nipples. They also provide options for dealing with such conditions thrush, jaundice and colic.       

Here are two examples of herbs very beneficial to a woman during pregnancy:

Red Raspberry Leaves: Enhanced with iron, red raspberry leaves are very advantageous throughout pregnancy and chiefly tone the uterine musculature, assist during labor pains, manage nausea, and amplify the making of milk. Although this herb does not contain any oxytoxic result and does not promote uterine reduction throughout labor, it does strengthen the uterine and pelvic floor musculatures. 

Nettle Leaves: The leaves are mainly high in calcium and iron and give out a brilliant basis of folic acid. Use of folic acid is extremely important before and throughout pregnancy for proper fetal development.

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