Barbara Ochester, MSN, RN, EdD candidate, began her professional career as a registered nurse over 46 years ago. She built a foundation in bedside nursing while working in the medical/surgical, intensive care, and emergency departments, attaining leadership roles in each of these units. Barbara continues to have an active clinical practice providing cannabis counseling, wellness clinics, and oral immunotherapy nursing. Barbara believes that each cannabis patient deserves the opportunity to meet with an educator to determine the correct medicine for their symptoms or diseases.

Barbara has just completed her doctoral classwork and is ready to dive into the research phase of her degree in Health Administration and Leadership. Her research will focus on cannabis research and the lived experiences of patients. Barbara’s goal is to contribute to the body of knowledge and build on what we know about using cannabis as an alternative/adjunct to traditional treatments and medications. She is passionate about educating other healthcare professionals, patients, and communities around the appropriate and safe use of cannabis  as medicine.

Barbara resides in Philadelphia with her husband and two dogs. To her delight, her children and grandchildren are close by, and she is able to spend quality time with them. She is very excited to join the medical cannabis faculty team at Pacific College of Health and Science.

If you are interested in learning more about our holistic nursing programs, please visit the Pacific College of Health and Science’s holistic nursing programs page.


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