Livni-Hersh, Osi, ABT, HHP

Osi Livni is a graduate of the Bio-Energetic School of massage in Israel; The Clayton School of Natural Healing and the Mueller College of Holistic Studies in the USA. She was trained in Oriental Medicine, Acupressure and Chi-Nei-Tsang through San Francisco State University, and the Healing Tao Center of Mantak Chia in NY. Osi is an AOBTA certified instructor, currently teaching at Mueller College, IPSB College, PCHS, as well as independent workshops and private sessions. After receiving her license in 1985, Osi founded SOUL-GATE HEALING – A private practice, combining CNT Internal Organ Healing with Qi-Gong, Bio-Energetic systems, Acupressure Massage, Soul Transformation-Spiritual coaching, As well as classical Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Reiki, Nutritional & Herbal guidance. Her unique holistic approach has been particularly beneficial for emotional release, spiritual transformation and stress-related syndromes including migraines, digestive disorder, allergies, circulatory problems, fatigue, tension, muscles/ joint pain, PMS & hormone imbalance, sports injuries, back pain, as well as the so-called chronic illness and disorder. Ms. Livni will be teaching the Chi Nei Tsang class here at Pacific College.

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