A headshot of Faye Anderson

Faye Anderson started her career as a programmer and worked with a consulting group that served businesses in making knowledgeable decisions based on their data. She then progressed to statistical analysis when she realized that she needed some sort of formal education in statistics in order to have better understanding of its applications. After graduation, she joined the University of Texas (UT) as a statistician for the Department of Medicine, where she met other statisticians and health practitioners. With the encouragement of her advisors, she published peer-reviewed papers and books in order to spread the word about her research on global health.

Dr. Anderson has a master’s degree in statistics from Colorado State University and a PhD in environmental and occupational health from the University of Texas, minoring in biostatistics, with a concentration in global health.

Throughout her journey, Dr. Anderson has been teaching, developing graduate level courses and advising doctoral students. She has worked on many projects that incorporate health, statistics, and research methods. She also participated in projects with NASA and other reputable organizations.

Dr. Anderson is an adjunct public health professor at Pacific College teaching Essentials of Data Analysis and Health Promotion Program Evaluation.

She loves her work and keeps learning to improve and progress.

If you are interested in learning more about our public health education degree program, please visit the Pacific College of Health and Science’s public health education degree program page.

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