Chicago’s David Sol Cited by Verywell Fit on Post-Workout Massage

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Dr. David R. Sol, DAc, LAc, LMT, CFMP, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at Pacific College of Health and Science’s Chicago campus, was extensively cited in a recent article by Lauren David, writing on post-workout massage for Verywell Fit, an award-winning resource for nutrition and exercise information. Most people know that stretching can help prevent and relieve the soreness associated with exercise, but “post-workout massage can increase blood and lymph circulation, reduce inflammation, increase flexibility, and resolve muscle tightness and pain,” explained David. It can also decrease delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and lower the amount of time you need to recover before a hard workout or competition.

There are, however, of course several different types of massage therapy, and some are more beneficial for post-workout recovery than others. Swedish massage and other more relaxing, gentle styles are great, but more intense types such deep tissue massage or that provided by a massage gun can increase inflammation and cause more issues than it could fix. The timing of your massage can also influence how you feel. “Consider getting a massage on the same day as a workout when you want your body to relax and recover,” said Sol.

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