Rachel Smith, PCOM-NY Alumna, Featured in Allure

Rachel Smith (with model Katy Albright on her table) treats her patients with a needle here, a homemade salve there, and a sprinkling of Eastern philosophy.

Congratulations to Rachel Smith, who was featured in an article by the beauty magazine Allure. Rachel recounts the beginning of her journey into the field of acupuncture: “‘I used to be a photographer and photo editor, until one day I realized corporate America wasn’t for me,’ she tells me in a voice as soft as shearling. ‘I had met with an energy healer when I was trying to figure out where to go next in life. She just handed me an address and said, “Go here.” It was the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan. I walked out of the elevator not knowing exactly where I was going, and within 20 minutes I had signed up for a master’s program in acupuncture. It was instantaneous.’

She now practices just outside Buffalo in a little town so quaint they may or may not require a hand-stitched quilt upon entry. RVs pepper the road, and you get the vague sense that there’s a city, somewhere, that is not here. Behind a wall lined with Chinese herbs and tinctures, magic is happening.”

Read the full article at Allure.com!

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