Chinese Medicine for Shoulder Pain Case Study with Dr. Dustin Dillberg

In this Master Class, Dr. Dillberg presents a case of Traditional Chinese Medicine for shoulder pain complicated by postural imbalances, as well as sleep disorders. He offers therapeutic approaches that range from acupuncture and herbs to laser, postural exercises and much more. Dr. Dillberg generously addresses many of the audience’s well-informed questions and opinions about Traditional Chinese Medicine for shoulder pain in general, and specific to the case.

Dr. Dustin Dillberg, DACM, LAc, is a speaker, writer, and educator specializing in sports medicine, myofascial systems, lymphatics, pain management, and functional medicine. He is a graduate of Pacific College master’s and doctoral degree programs, Egoscue Institute, and Pettibon Spinal Technologies. Dr. Dillberg’s contribution to pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton’s incredible recovery can be seen in the film Unstoppable, and contributed to her book Body and Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life. Dr. Dillberg lives and works on the island of Kauai, where he runs the Pain Free Kauai clinic, providing traditional Chinese medicine along with postural corrective exercise, laser therapy, and functional medicine. He is a speaker and consultant to healthcare professionals on integrating posture-based exercise and functional medicine into practice.


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