Pacific College, San Diego Creates Community Clinic

Kathleen Rushall

Pacific College, San Diego has redesigned its community clinic shift to reflect the original community-style acupuncture model. The high cost of health care has affected many Americans and Pacific College attempts to address this problem by serving patients who many not have the time or the finances to afford a more “private,” in-depth treatment. Pacific College’s San Diego campus will be offering its new community clinic every Friday from 1:30 pm to 4:15 pm and each treatment will be fifteen dollars.

In addition to being less expensive and tine consuming, these community clinic visits are less comprehensive. Each visit will focus solely on one symptom of the patient. The goal of these treatments is to relieve symptoms of one major condition at a time. Acupuncture can alleviate multitudes of problems including allergies, asthma, anxiety, carpal tunnel, headaches, insomnia, neck/shoulder tension, sinusitis, smoking addictions, and can help with appetite control. Each of these ailments can be address in Pacific College’s new community clinic program, and more!

Acupuncture will be the only method used during treatment during this clinic time. Massages, stretches, and cupping can be accessed through the Pacific College clinic during other appointments. Acupuncture is a holistic healing method that can be applied to a wider range of maladies than massage. According to the British Medical Journal, a recent study showed acupuncture to provide greater short-term pain relief and better range of motion than traditional massage. [1] The study consisted of 177 patients with chronic neck pain, all of whom were randomly assigned to treatments of acupuncture, massage, or placebo practices. In their results, the researchers stated that, “individuals treated with acupuncture reported greater reductions in pain both immediately after the first and last treatments, and one week after the last treatment, than those treated with massage.” In this study, acupuncture was deemed especially more effective in regard to pain caused by motion.

Clients may want to consider coming to the community clinic for acupuncture treatments that particularly focus on chronic pain, muscle aches, arthritis, or athletic injuries. The community clinic will not even require the patient to disrobe or lie on a table: the point prescriptions used can be performed in a standard chair. Pacific College has long sought to serve the public and to spread and provide information about traditional Chinese medicine. The new community clinic is a great opportunity for new comers to be introduced to acupuncture and for clients to receive affordable and effective treatments.



[1] Devitt, Michael. Study: Acupuncture Better than Massage for Chronic Neck Pain.