Gaining a Multi-Dimensional Perspective with the HHP: Anita Hollins

A headshot of Anita R. Hollins

Dr. Anita R. Hollins, DACM, MSOM, MS: “The Health and Human Performance Coaching Personal Growth course was life-changing! Through the use of self-assessment tools plus coaching, I gained a multi-dimensional perspective of my strengths and core values. The GROW model allowed me to connect the dots between the work and the dream. Consequently, I experienced short-term goal success and look forward to continued success with my 1- and 5-year plan goals.

One of the greatest takeaways was the power of seeing my authentic self through a non-judgmental lens where I could positively affirm my being and honor my truth. I re-affirmed the importance of permitting myself to be while making adjustments as necessary to reach my full potential.”

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