The HHP Made Julia Khvasechko’s Dreams Into Reality

A photo of Julia Khvasechko

Julia Khvasechko, LMT: “I have been dreaming about a program like this for years but it just didn’t exist.

I have looked and looked but to no avail. When I received an email about the HHP from my alma mater Pacific College and read about the new program they were offering and I literally let out a scream. It was as if it was created specifically for me.

I was already excited to start the program and learn everything I could, but after completing the first class, I can honestly say, it has surpassed my expectations in every way. As a running coach, a registered yoga teacher, and a licensed massage therapist, I do a great deal of coaching with all my clients and I thought the last decade of work had taught me how to be an effective coach, but this first coaching class taught me so much more, making me far more competent in all my disciplines. I simply can’t wait to take the next class. Dr Leena is so knowledgeable and so passionate about the subject matter that it’s a joy to do the work. I look forward to each and every class in a way I never have before in any of my previous educational ventures and this is my 4th degree. I can’t thank Dr Leena enough for creating this amazing program and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in bettering themselves and adding to their health disciplines.”

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