Aaron Mills, Providing the Best Care and Service with the HHP

A headshot of Aaron Mills

Aaron Mills: “My experience with Pacific College of Health and Science’s educational programs has been exceptional and the Health and Human Performance Program has exceeded my expectations. The faculty and administration at PCHS have designed a curriculum that meets the needs of a busy professional like myself. The classes are fully online and are easily accessible, dynamic, and interactive. The Health and Human Performance Coaching Certification program at PCHS has provided me with additional tools in support of my clinical competencies. This helps to provide the best care and service to the patients and clients I partner with. Whether you are new to health and human services or are a seasoned professional, you will learn and grow in how you are showing up with patients and clients you work with. Within the Health and Human Performance Program are carefully designed and clearly articulated methods that lead to success in coaching patient’s, executives, business owners, groups, or individuals.”

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