Next term starts on January 3rd, 2022!

The first college-level cannabis certificate in the nation by an accredited institution.

The United States is at an important point on its path to legalizing medical and recreational cannabis. Thirty three states have legalized medicinal use, among which 11 also have legalized adult, recreational use*. Currently, 55 million US citizens report using cannabis and CBD for improving health and wellness. The legal market is expected to grow from $3 billion to $143 billion by 2025, with jobs in the industry exploding from 70 thousand to 700 thousand in the same period. This unprecedented societal shift presents opportunities – especially for those with a medical cannabis certification – as well as challenges.

Stand out as a highly educated pioneer
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Do you have the skills to consult on the safe and effective use of cannabis?
Are you prepared to help and guide your patients / clients?
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