The history of Oriental medicine spans centuries and nations. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine has assembled an expert and varied academic team, respected both in the US and abroad, to do justice to this expansive body of knowledge. Faculty members have been selected for their ability to convey both a deep appreciation of traditional Oriental medicine and massage and an understanding of the problems that affect patients in today's modern culture. From acupuncturists and medical doctors to massage therapists and Taoist priests, PCOM's faculty will be an essential and continuing resource during your education and beyond into private practice. PCOM employs nearly 200 faculty members at its three campuses. Because the faculty is our most valuable resource, we hope you visit at least one of our campuses and sit in on some classes to experience their magic firsthand.

Pagones, Rachel, DAOM, LAc

Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Master of Science and Traditional Oriental Medicine - Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego

Pai, Wen-Chiang, LAc, Dipl CH, MTCM, OMD, MD

Dr. Wen-Chiang Pai obtained his MD and Master of TCM from China Medical University (CMU) in Taiwan. He was one of the very few who was trained in both conventional and traditional medicine. He was also involved in the integration of both medicines in academic, clinical and research settings. He...

Palucci-Young, Anna, LAc, MSTOM

Anna Palucci Young, L.Ac. , is an experienced, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She holds a Master of Science inTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a 2006 graduate of the Chicago campus of the prestigious, San Diego-based Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Anna continues to...

Payne, Jacqueline, HHP, LAc

Jackie has studied and worked in the field of Eastern and Western bodywork traditions for the past 15 years, originally training in the UK and has a background in education and psychology and experience working in the areas of addiction recovery and women's health. She has a Masters in Child...

Petti, Kevin, PhD

Kevin Petti, PhD has been teaching in the departments of science and health at San Diego Miramar College since 1991. He teaches courses in human anatomy and physiology, human dissection, and health science. He is a contributing author to three anatomy and physiology texts, and is president-emeritus...

Phillipi, Kate, DACM

Kate is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, IL where she received a master’s of science in traditional Oriental medicine (MSTOM). Kate went on to earn her doctorate of Chinese medicine (DACM) in 2016. She is nationally board certified by the NCCAOM and licensed in the...

Phillips, Don, MSTOM

Donald Phillips is currently serving as Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies and as faculty in clinic at PCOM San Diego. Donald became licensed in March 2003, and maintains a small private practice in San Diego. He recently earned a M.Ed. in Instructional Design from Western Governors...

Poulin, Sarah, DACM, LAc, DiplOM

Sarah Poulin is currently in private practice in her hometown of Middlebury, Connecticut. Since beginning her practice, she has been dedicated to providing comprehensive, thoughtful, and personalized healthcare to patients of all ages. Her special interests include chronic pain, digestive disorders...
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