Lillian Bridges is the world’s leading authority on Face Reading and Diagnosis. She teaches in Pacific College’s Facial Applications for Cosmetic Enhancement (FACE) program. She is credited with bringing this body of ancient knowledge back to the field of Chinese Medicine and introducing it to Western medicine and business. Lillian is the founder of The Lotus Institute, Inc., and trains students in her comprehensive Master Face Reading Certification Program. She has nearly 30 years of experience speaking and teaching and has been a featured speaker at conferences, conventions and symposiums around the world including multiple appearances at Pacific Symposium.

Lillian learned her skills from a long line of master Chinese practitioners in her Chen Family lineage. She received her degree in psychology from UCLA. She is the author of Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, 2nd Edition, a best seller in the genre, published in multiple languages. Lillian has been seen on numerous radio and television shows and was most recently was featured on the Dr. OZ show, “What Your Face Reveals About Your Health.” She has been profiled in numerous publications on the topics of Face Reading and Feng Shui, including Newsweek, Natural Health magazine, the LA Times and the Irish Times. Lillian was a contributor to several books on Chinese Medicine, including TCM Stress and TCM Aging. She has also been a contributor to numerous national and international magazines and journals.

If you are interested in learning more about our facial applications for cosmetic enhacement program, please visit the Pacific College of Health and Science’s FACE programs page.

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