Kidd, Jane

Jane grew up and was educated in Cincinnati, Ohio. Beginning at a young age, she trained in and later taught both swimming and ballet, which she pursued through and beyond college. At the University of Cincinnati, Jane completed her masters degree in Special Education with a focus on Learning Disabilities & Behaviorally Disturbed. She then taught the “Educable Mentally Retarded” for 4 years before moving to San Diego in 1975. Since moving to San Diego, Jane has been able to enrich and develop her interests and profession. She taught students with learning disabilities for another 20 years and became a specialist in teaching reading for an additional 10 years. Over 20 years ago her ballet classes gave way to her practice of Tai Ji at the Taoist Sanctuary under the direction and instruction of Bill Helm. Because of the depth of what is offered at the Taoist Sanctuary, Jane have also been exposed to Chinese medicine, studied Chinese philosophy, and practiced Qi Gong as well as Tai Ji. Now, as seems to be her ultimate mission in life, she is also a Tai Ji teacher. These studies and experiences of Eastern tradition have inspired her growth in body, mind, and spirit.

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