If you are planning to transfer between campuses at Pacific College, there are some important steps that must be completed in order for both your academic and financial aid transfer to be smooth.

  1. First, you need to submit a request for transfer to the Registrar at the campus you are currently attending.
  2. Next, you should contact the Financial Aid Office in San Diego so that we can review your file and determine what needs to be done to re-award you at the different campus. Depending on when you transfer we sometimes have to cancel and re-award upcoming loan disbursements.There are some financial aid steps you need to complete. They include:
    1. Add the school code of the campus you are transferring to to your FAFSA record.
      • San Diego 030277
      • New York E00911
      • Chicago E00983
    2. Complete the appropriate Financial Aid Certification form indicating that you plan to attend a different campus. Note: It is important to indicate if you are attending only one semester at the transfer campus or if you will be attending for more than one semester

    These steps should be completed at least a month prior to the start of classes. We can accommodate transfers closer to the start of classes, but we cannot guarantee that funds will be available to you right at the start of classes.

  3. If you have questions regarding the transfer process, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 619-574-6909 or 800-729-0941.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed all of the steps necessary to apply for financial aid. Please respond in a timely manner to requests from the Financial Aid Office for additional information and/or clarification so as not to delay the receipt of your funds.