The externships our students can become involved with provide them excellent learning experiences, and our patients can take advantage of them as well! Off-site clinics have the power to change the way a patient thinks and how a student practices, broadening and enhancing views on the application of the medicine. They also offer students an opportunity to integrate with other medical practitioners, and influence the perception those medical practitioners have of our profession.

For more information about these offsite clinics, please call our main campus clinic: (212) 982-4600

Beth Israel Continuum Cancer Center (BICCC)
New York, NY

The Continuum Cancer Center’s West side campus is an outpatient facility that provides treatment for cancer patients, considered a center of excellence particularly for patients diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Their approach to treatment is focused not only on the best of what Western medicine can offer, but also on treating the patient as a whole, guiding them through recovery with yoga, reiki, guided imagery, hypnosis, and creative arts. Students have the opportunity to work with cancer patients during treatment and improve their understanding of cancer.

Grand Meridian Clinic
New York, NY

Located in the Kamwo Herb and Tea Company, the Grand Meridian Clinic sees patients from all over the world who are visiting Chinatown. This off-site provides PCOM students with the opportunity to sharpen herb identification skills by presenting samples from Kamwo’s extensive pharmacy. Additionally, an aspect of Eastern nutrition through the preparation of soups and teas for tasting is presented, along with participation in herb processing (i.e. honey-fried herbs, vacuum packing) and observing raw herb prescription filling in the extensive traditional pharmacy.

St. John’s Riverside Hospital (Yonkers)
Yonkers, NY

St. John’s is an opportunity to work in an institutional setting while remaining connected to the heart and spirit of service in relation to TCM. Patients from the facility’s 28-day rehab program are referred for acupuncture treatments. PCOM students can expect to learn a tremendous amount about patients with alcohol- and drug-related conditions, which can affect people from all aspects of our society, while treating people at a transitional time in their lives.

Initiative for Women with Disabilities, Hospital for Joint Diseases
New York, NY

The IWD is a multi-disciplinary women’s center, providing medical/gynecological services, educational advocacy, and social service programs. PCOM students will have the opportunity to introduce both acupuncture and massage to women with disabilities and chronic conditions. PCOM students working at this site must possess patience, compassion, and professionalism, for a unique learning experience.

Veteran’s Administration Hospital/Pain Management Center
New York, NY

This program, a partnership between PCOM and the VA Hospital of New York City, seeks to provide acupuncture to our returning war veterans. PCOM students perform fast-paced work in both massage acupuncture in conjunction with an integrative medical team, and learn electronic charting protocols established by the federal government.

Housing Works
New York, NY

Housing Works is a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Their mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain their efforts. They pride themselves on the comprehensive array of services provided to more than 20,000 homeless and low-income New Yorkers since 1990, believing that providing stable housing and healthcare is the first step toward living a long and healthy life; PCOM students can take part in this process through both massage and acupuncture.