Externship Clinics

The externships our students can become involved with provide them excellent learning experiences, and our patients can take advantage of them as well! Off-site clinics have the power to change the way a patient thinks, as well as how a student practices, broadening and enhancing views on the application of the medicine. They also offer students an opportunity to integrate with other medical practitioners, and influence the perception those medical practitioners have of our profession.

For more information about these offsite clinics, please call our main campus clinic: (773) 477-1900

Project Vida
Chicago, IL

PCOM is thrilled to collaborate with Project VIDA to expand their existing Chinese Medicine services to patients, with both acupuncture and herbs. Project VIDA was founded in 1992 to address the urgent needs of racial and ethnic minorities. Initially, the agency provided HIV education through street outreach services to area youth. Now, Project VIDA has expanded its community scope by initiating a variety of programs: direct services for people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and various prevention education programs, offering offers individual and group services for adults living with HIV/AIDS. The program offers workshops focusing on prevention related topics for those living with HIV/AIDS, designed to encourage healthier lifestyles, as well as support groups that help reinforce coping skills and decrease psycho-social stress associated with living with HIV/AIDS.

Chicago Women’s Health Center
Chicago, IL
Chicago Women’s Health Center provides PCOM students with the opportunity to experience clinic in a unique health care setting. They provide access to gynecological health care, alternative insemination, health education, and counseling services in a respectful environment where women pay what they can afford. Acupuncture and herbs services include the treatment of a wide variety of conditions from allergies to fibromyalgia, as well as women’s health and psychological issues. In addition to the regular duties each student experiences as a clinic participant, they will also have the opportunity to learn about business functions of the clinic. Students will schedule patient appointments, take payment, check inventory and answer incoming calls. This experience is invaluable to any future practitioner of Chinese Medicine.