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Some Federal Healthcare to Cover Massage Therapy without Proof of Medical Necessity

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 17, 2013 Some Federal Healthcare to Cover Massage Therapy without Proof of Medical Necessity Massage therapy is now eligible for reimbursement from Federal HCFSA health care plans without a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN), according to the FSAFEDS...

Pacific College Wins National Institute of Health (NIH) Contract For Disaster Health Information Outreach

Naomi Broering, dean of libraries, along with the Pacific College library will be collaborating with the Public Health Services, Health & Human Services Agency, of the County of San Diego (SDPHS) to share disaster health information and increase awareness of the National Library of Medicine (...

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Beyond Shelter, Food, and Water, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Heals Community Trauma with Acupuncture New York, NY – Pacific College provided over 400 acupuncture and massage treatments for stress resulting from hurricane Sandy in 2012, as part of over two million dollars in free services...
gua sha and its many great uses

The Science of Gua Sha

Arya Nielsen, PhD Traditional East Asian medicine (TEAM) has come some distance to us: more than 2,000 years of history, a scholarly archive, and many ‘barefoot miles,’ to now be situated in professional clinics and labs of research globally. Gua sha is a modality used across Asia both in the...

Pacific College Providing Free Acupuncture to Heal Trauma for Survivors of Superstorm Sandy

New York, NY – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine is providing free community acupuncture treatments for stress relief at the college throughout November, beginning tomorrow, Friday, 11/9/12, from 2:30-6:00pm at 915 Broadway at 21 st Street, 5 th floor (additional dates/times list follows). Julie...

Wild Willow

Learn more about the Medicinal Herbs Project happening down at Wild Willow Farm with Pacific College Faculty Member Miles Thomas. Check out some Chinese medicinal herbs that you too can grow! Let us know what you think and if you'd like to get involved. Volunteers are always welcome!


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