Health Coach Certificate

For professionals seeking to expand their toolbox or individuals looking for a new career in health coaching!

  • The Health Coach certificate is now a hybrid program with synchronous and asynchronous coursework.
  • New schedule offerings on Saturday!
  • Complete your program in 8 months

Unsure about committing to the Health and Human Performance Master’s Degree program? Juggling multiple other responsibilities? No problem. Why not start with the Holistic Health Coach Certificate courses & become a Health Coach first? They are all transferable to the MSHHP.

With only four courses and a flexible, 100% online delivery model, Pacific College’s Health Coach certificate is a powerful doorway into the world of health coaching, backed up by a solid, accredited institution.

Pacific College’s Health Coach certificate will take you on a life-changing journey. You will receive 172 hours of instruction: starting with profound insights of self-assessment and personal growth, the classes will take you through a meticulously planned program, culminating with a practical roadmap to a wide-range of potential coaching practices. On the way, you will experience a deep dive into interpersonal skills, from fine-tuning your deep sense of empathy and discovering new body language clues, to studying the habits and achievements of highly successful people to discover common threads of excellence.

**Courses are taught in English**