Online Library Catalog

Through the Chicago campus’s Online Catalog, users are able to look up books, journals, audiovisual materials and more. Online Library Catalog.

Library Collection

Course Reserve– these are the books required for class and are designated by greenish-yellow stickers. They can be checked out for 4 hours at a time.

Test Prep– these are the books with the orange stickers. These materials are meant to prepare students for various tests, including NCCAOM boards. They can be checked out for 2 weeks.

Reference– reference materials have pink stickers and include dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals, and copies of our more expensive books. These materials do not leave the library.

General Collection– these books are not color coded and have a 2-week check-out period. Items can be renewed once but need to be returned and re-checked out after one month’s time.

Audiovisual– this collection is comprised mostly of DVDs and CDs. All of our Pacific Symposium recordings are in this collection. These items have a 1-week loan period and can be renewed.

General Library Rules

  • Phone conversations inside the library are prohibited
  • Ringers and sounds must be turned off on electronic devices
  • Do not leave personal items (bookbags, computers, coats, etc.) unattended
  • Beverages must be covered and secure from spills
  • No meals in the library – small “dry” snacks are acceptable. (Examples of this are almonds, dried fruit, or grapes – anything that can be spilled without causing damage.)
  • Only library staff is allowed behind the desk
  • Do not re-shelve library materials

Library Hours

Library hours are subject to change due to Covid-19. Please contact the library for current hours.

Borrowing Privileges

A Pacific College student ID is required to check out library materials. Materials may be renewed once at the front desk. You can also call or email the librarian for renewals. Return materials to the front desk or place them in the library’s book drop in the cafeteria on Floor 17. The maximum number of items you can have on loan at any one time is 10.

Overdue Material and Fines

Fines for books are $0.25 per day and $0.50 per day for audiovisual material. For lost items, replacement fees are $15.00 plus the cost of replacing the item. If you accrue more than $10.00 in fines, your library privileges will be suspended until you take care of them. Currently, the library only accepts cash or checks.

Equipment & Resources

There are 4 student computers and a printer/copier/scanner. Computer use is on a first-come first-served basis. Printing, copying, and scanning is run through a program called PaperCut. The library has a selection of anatomy models for in-library use. The library also provides a large study area with plenty of tables and seating. In addition, there is a reading area with lounge chairs.

Contact Us

Phone:(773) 477-4822 extension 315

General Email: [email protected]

Librarian Email: [email protected]