Jeremy Pulsifer

Dr Jeremy Pulsifer is a licensed acupuncturist, as well as a skilled herbalist. Dr. Pulsifer has been in private practice in Union Square, as well as a professor and supervisor at the prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, for over a decade. Adept at treating a wide range of health concerns, he has had tremendous success with fertility, and is highly recommended by leading fertility doctors in the New York area. He also has vast experience in advanced pain management techniques.

Dr. Pulsifer’s most celebrated talents are his skillful and wide-ranging application of electroacupuncture, as well as his ability to personalize and finetune herbal formula prescriptions. In his private practice, and as a professor and supervisor at Pacific College, he has consistently been at the forefront of electroacupuncture applications. As an herbalist, his extensive knowledge of both Chinese and western herbs helps Dr. Pulsifer maximize the effectiveness of all his treatments.

Apart from treating his patients, Dr. Pulsifer is dedicated to his other calling, education. His lectures and clinical supervision are legendary in New York City, with topics ranging from the neurophysiology of acupuncture to the practical application of Chinese herbal medicine. His work in academia and research, together with his extensive clinical experience, has allowed his practice to integrate the most effective techniques and treatments.


Jeremy Pulsifer