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Holly Guzman, OMD, LAc, began studying acupuncture at the age of 13, with help from the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan, where she lived in 1972. There, she was given a booklet on curing deaf mutes. A few years later, Guzman traveled to the Guang Zhou School for the Deaf Mute in China to see the successful acupuncture protocol in action. She also witnessed acupuncture anesthesia in major surgery and national health care programs using Chinese herbs.

Guzman attended NESA in 1979, and a year later assisted Ted Kaptchuk in opening the first acupuncture program at a state hospital. In 1983, she joined the first graduating class of ACTCM, assisted Miriam Lee, and studied with Yat Ki Lai. Guzman regularly lectures at major Chinese medicine symposiums, one of the very few unpublished speakers with this honor. She is a contributing author in Acupuncture in Practice, The Natural Health First Aid Guide, and Breast Cancer/Breast Health. Holly has practiced in Santa Cruz, CA since 1983, specializing in women’s health, pediatrics, immune issues, cancer, and epilepsy.