Heidi Lovie, DACM, LAc.

Dr. Heidi Lovie, DACM, is an auto-immune and Hashimoto’s educator and “Hashi Posse” coach. 

Heidi Lovie received her master’s and doctorate in Chinese medicine from Pacific College of Health and Science, where she has been a faculty member and clinical supervisor for over a decade. Since establishing her New York City private practice in 2009, Heidi has regularly worked with all aspects of women’s health, cancer care, chronic pain management, and most recently – Covid long haul syndrome. However, she primarily focuses on auto-immune disorders and has treated thousands of cases of Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. While working on her doctorate, Dr Lovie developed a passion for viewing modern blood work (i.e. upgraded thyroid panels, MTHFR testing, etc) through the lens of Chinese diagnosis patterns to help patients better understand their unique health situation. She works to set attainable health goals towards greater healing using the tools provided by Chinese medicine. 

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