Welcome Message from Jack Miller

Welcome to Pacific Symposium, 31st Edition!

Dear healers,

I hope this finds you in good health and good spirits. If you are like me, there are better days and not so better days. Yet, I am still optimistic that the human mind and spirit will prevail and create solutions to our current challenges. As social distance is required, our spiritual connection becomes all the more important. No, not important. Critical. Essential. With these thoughts in mind, we bring you Pacific Symposium 2020.

As much as we would love to maintain our onsite tradition and brave the circumstances, the safety of our community comes first.

For a generation and a half, we have gathered beside the San Diego Bay to celebrate that community. While the location will change to our online virtual space, the community remains the same. Our spiritual connection is independent of time and space.

Pacific College is no stranger to online education, especially the optimal online educational experience: synchronous delivery. Ten years and over 1000 Pacific College doctoral graduates are a testament to its effectiveness. We’ll apply that depth of experience, plus all the creativity we can muster, to make Pacific Symposium 2020 a real-time, really fun, really cool conference. And along the way, you’re going to learn a lot!

We will be offering a combination of live presentations by 18 speakers along with special offers (steals and deals) from our unbelievably generous vendors.

Every day we come up with another fun idea to bring the community together and deliver you some virtual San Diego sunshine.

As usual, we have a mix of new presenters and veterans. For the first time at Pacific Symposium, Aimee Raupp will present the timely topic of how fertility is affected by the conditions of the world around us. Dr. Butch Levy will help attendees understand the complexity of modern illnesses and the importance of being able to use the tools of other paradigms for information and treatment. Peter Holmes will discuss the necessity, when using essential oils, to apply Chinese medicine theory. Shellie Goldstein will help us all stay looking young by applying Chinese medicine, Channel Theory and biomedicine to the topic of facial aging. Rounding out our first-time presenters are Dr. Cameron Bishop and Justin Flores, two orthopedic and pain specialists who will team up with veterans Matt Callison and Dr. Dustin Dillberg for a panel presentation on integrative approaches to orthopedic and pain treatment.

Pacific Symposium 2020 will feature not one, but three keynote lectures. Jeffrey Yuen will address Chinese medicine’s role in the recovery from Covid. Lillian Bridges will show us how to monitor our defensive Wei Qi with facial diagnosis. Lastly, Professor Ted Kaptchuk will present China’s role in fostering Chinese medicine within its borders and globally. Is it helping, harming or both? Professor Kaptchuk will discuss the development of TCM in modern times. How Japanese and Korean traditional medicine and U.S. developments like integrative medicine interact with China’s agenda will be discussed. Prof. Kaptchuk will also tackle Beijing’s recent proposal to make defaming Chinese medicine a crime. This is one not to be missed. This keynote will take the form of a provocative interview of Professor Kaptchuk by our good friend, Holly Guzman.

Eight more esteemed veterans of Pacific Symposium will present clinical or philosophical pearls, about which you can find more inside these pages. We hope each of our presenters will enlighten you, challenge you, and help you reach your goals. Mostly, however, we hope you will experience the Pacific Symposium tradition of fostering the deep connection within our beautiful community.

Warm regards,

Jack Miller

Can’t Wait to See You Again!

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