Moshe Heller


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About the speaker:

Moshe Heller, a graduate of Pacific College of Health and Science – San Diego acupuncture school, is the former academic dean and department chair of Oriental medicine, herbal medicine, and the clinic at Pacific College – New York. Heller has been practicing and teaching Chinese medicine for nearly 25 years. He taught at the Hebrew University’s Medicine College and the Israeli College of Complementary Medicine. Heller developed a year-long certification course in Chinese medical pediatrics with Dr. Stephen Cowan and has lectured at the Pacific Symposium in San Diego, FSOMA Conference in Florida, and ICCM conference in Israel. He has completed postgraduate work on internal medicine, TCM gynecology, pediatrics, and Japanese acupuncture, and participated in a research study on the use of acupuncture during labor. Heller currently maintains a busy practice in NYC.