Deirdre Courtney

MTCM, CAc (China), DiplAc

Pacific Symposium 2019 Course(s):

About the speaker:

Deirdre Courtney, MTCM, CAc (China), DiplAc, came to acupuncture and face reading through her passion for cooking good, healthy, macrobiotic food. In the 1980s, she was in demand as a chef, working in French, Italian, vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurants in her home town of Dublin, as well as in Denver, Colorado, and Los Angeles. She also became a teacher, showing other cooks how to use the healing power of healthy food to help people recovering from alcohol, drug abuse, and obesity.

Seeking to develop her healing talents further, she earned her master’s in traditional Chinese medicine from Yo San University and opened a private practice. Courtney has since lectured and conducted workshops worldwide, been published in journals, magazines, and newspapers, and made many appearances on TV and radio. She was the head of the acupuncture department at the College of Naturopathic Medicine CNM Ireland for 12 years and Chairperson of the Irish Register of Chinese Medical Herbalism for four.

Book Signing:

The cover of Courtney's book, "Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way"
Come and meet Deirdre for book signing and dedication at the Pacific College booth, right by the registration table!  Schedule will be announced during the conference.

Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way
by Deirdre Courtney

Combining the wisdom of classical Chinese medicine with modern nutritional science, this book explores the concept of Yang Sheng, which means to nourish life by nurturing body, mind and spirit in harmony with the natural rhythms and universal laws, revealing the importance of nutrition within it and outlining how our modern lifestyle and environment challenges our ability to do that.

A perfect guide for practitioners and students of Chinese medicine, the book explains modern diets and Chinese nutritional theory with a focus on prevention of illness and the impact of lifestyle and environment on our health during each stage of life. Lifestyle and nutritional advice for preven   tion and treatment of a range of illnesses and conditions is given for both adults and children.

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