About the speaker:

Dr. Claudia Citkovitz, PhD, L.Ac. is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on Acupuncture treatment for women during Labor and Delivery as well as patients recovering from Stroke. She is an alumni of the Pacific College Health and Science New York acupuncture school.

Claudia Citkovitz began her Chinese Medicine studies in 1997, assisting in the practice of Tom Bisio while attending Pacific and Tri-State Colleges.  She also studied at the Beijing Language and Cultural Institute in China.

Currently, Claudia is the Director of the Acupuncture Program at Lutheran Medical Center, a 466-bed community hospital in Brooklyn, NY.  Through the program, she provides care to inpatients in the Neurological/Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Labor and Delivery units, hosting licensed practitioners, PCOM Master’s students and ACTCM and OCOM doctoral students for didactic and clinical intensives.

Claudia is a lecturer or clinical instructor at numerous Master’s and Doctoral level acupuncture programs including the Pacific Mercy College, Touro College, the TriState College of Acupuncture, and worked in the Obstetrics & Gynecology rotation at the University of Chicago School of Medicine.  She lectures and teaches at schools and hospitals throughout the US, in England, and is also a lecturer for ProD and Medigogy, web based educational sites.

She has published research in acupuncture during Labor and Delivery and acupuncture research methods, and completed her PhD on acupuncture during stroke rehabilitation under Volker Scheid at the University of Westminster in London.  She sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and the Institutional Review Board of Touro College.

Forthcoming Book:

The cover of Citkovitz's forthcoming book, Acupressure and Acupuncture During Birth
Come and meet Claudia at the Pacific College booth, right by the registration table!  Schedule will be announced during the conference.

Acupressure and Acupuncture During Birth
by Claudia Citkovitz
Forthcoming: December 2019

For acupuncturists and birth professionals, this book explains how yin/yang and other principles of Chinese medicine can improve birth experiences as well as outcomes. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can shift and support the physical and emotional journey of birth and provide nonpharmacologic treatment approaches for commonly occurring disorders of labor such as malposition, asynclitism, slow cervical dilatation and inadequate contractions, as well as postpartum and post C-section care.

Accessible and engaging, the book includes an overview of Chinese medicine for women’s health; information on what happens before, during and after birth from both a biomedical and Chinese medical perspective; and a toolkit of treatment strategies for birth work. The techniques described include acupressure, tui na (Chinese medical bodywork), needling, auricular acupressure and electrostimulation.

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