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Our Mission

We endeavor to become the market leader in the natural herbal supplement segment by producing the most innovative and responsible solutions that improve quality of life for mankind.

Dr. Hong-yen Hsu (pictured above) was the founder of SUN TEN in 1946 in Taiwan. He was recognized as the “Father of Scientific Chinese Herbal Extraction” as he devoted his life to the modernization of the techniques used in Chinese herbal extraction by bringing practices from Japan into Taiwan. He later became the Director of the Drug Control Bureau in Taiwan, a position comparable to the United States’ FDA Commissioner.

For over 70 years, SUN TEN has remained committed to materializing the vision of Dr. Hong-yen Hsu. SUN TEN has grown into a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing company with facilities and exports in more than 20 countries, including the United States, England, Germany, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Switzerland.

Despite our growth, the foundation of our manufacturing practices remains centered around product SafetyQualityEfficacy, and Consistency. We guarantee quality assurance from the very beginning, starting with the careful selection of authentic raw herbs. From there, we use a responsible manufacturing process and end with a quality reassured product that is checked thoroughly with the latest scientific measures that meet international standards.

SUN TEN has become a world leader in the manufacturing of herbal products and we will continue to strive for excellence in the natural healthcare industry.


TCM Book Display

TCM Logo

The Body Clock in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Understanding Our Energy Cycles for Health and Healing (25% off: $11.99 with free shipping, redeem TBC25 through Dec. 31)

This makes a nice Christmas book for clients and is relevant to the winter time change. There’s a reflexology chart at the end unseen in any other TCM book; you’ll have to order to see for yourself.


Other featured books by Symposium speakers past and present range from $20-70 (see virtual booth below):


in lieu of Web site: YouTube: TCM Book Display


TCM Book Display promotes and hosts speakers Butch Levy and Peter Holmes and authors Misha Cohen and Michael Berger for in-booth appearances throughout Symposium/Halloween.

YouTube: TCM Book Display promotes and hosts these in-booth appearances (all times PT, clocks fall back 1 hour on Sun. 11.1):

Symposium speaker Butch Levy MD Dipl. Ac.: Thu. 10.29, 2-3

Author Misha Cohen (“The Chinese Medicine Companion”): Sat. 10.31, 2-3 

Author Michael Berger (“Jin’s Three Needle”): Sat. 10.31, 3-3:45

Symposium speaker Peter Holmes: Sun. 11.1, 2-3

The following are on exhibit throughout the Symposium/Halloween weekend:

Butch Levy MD Dipl. Ac./East West Med. Ed.:

KAMPO: The Japanese Perspective on Chinese Herbal Therapy, Vol. 1: The Abdominal Examination (2020)





Peter Holmes/Snow Lotus:

Aromatica Vol. 2: A Clinical Guide to Essential Oil Therapeutics. Applications and Profiles (2019)



The Energetics of Western Herbs Vol. 2: A Materia Medica Integrating Western and Chinese Herbal Therapeutics (2006)



Classical Ways, 2018:

Jin’s Three Needle Acupuncture Therapy




Columbia UP, 2018:

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Heritage and Adaptation


Earthdancer/Inner Traditions, 2020:

The Body Clock in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Understanding Our Energy Cycles for Health and Healing (25% off: $11.99 with free shipping, redeem TBC25 at through Dec. 31)

Fair Winds/Quarto, 2020:

The Chinese Medicine Companion: A Modern Guide to Ancient Healing



The following from academic presses are not featured during the weekend but can be ordered on request:

Chinese UP:

The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Transmission of Acupuncture (2020)

Classical Chinese Medicine (2019)


Princeton UP, 2020:

Know Your Remedies: Pharmacy and Early Modern Culture in China, 1500-1800

Plants That Cure: Plants as a Source for Medicines, From Pharmaceuticals to Herbal Remedies

The Gardener’s Botanical: An Encyclopedia of Latin Plant Names


UC Press, 2021:

Ben Cao Gang Mu, Volumes 2, 8, 9


Yale UP:

A Way of Life: Things, Thought, and Action in Chinese Medicine (2020)

Herbs and Roots : A History of Chinese Doctors in the American Medical Marketplace (2019)


Sun Ten Laboratories and TCM Book Display