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Who We Are – Experts Providing Acupuncture Billing Services

We’re a team of acupuncture billing experts and technology innovators who have a passion for helping integrative practitioners thrive and increase revenue. We recognized that there was a lack of strong billing services and acupuncture practice management tools focused specifically on helping acupuncturists successfully navigate and optimize insurance billing. We’re changing that.

Why We’re Different

● Acupuncture billing expertise – a strong acupuncture billing company and billing team with years of experience specifically on acupuncture insurance billing
● Dedicated biller – a personalized service and a real person to text, email or call
● Increase your revenue – we understand your practice and can optimize your insurance collections
● Save money – 7% fee on successful insurance claims
● Free EHR to save time – an acupuncture EHR tool designed with acupuncturists in mind. Included as a free software tool to use with our billing service
Acupuncture credentialing services & Accounts Receivable services – optional add-on services to help your practice


What Customers Are Saying

“Soundry is very responsive, transparent and clear with their communication. I feel like I’m getting payments whereas before I was hardly getting anything.”
– Dr. My-hanh Nguyen-Weinberg, Acupuncturist

“I’m very happy with Soundry. I love their service and product. I was at my wits end trying to get insurance companies to pay. Soundry got me back on track”
– Dr. Jon Koota, Acupuncturist

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Pacific Symposium Special – $400 Discount on Billing Services Setup Fee
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