A Different Kind of
Science Oriented Company

We want to be the first company in the world providing safe, effective, natural and proven by science products which are here for the long term. By mixing the wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine with advanced research and providing long lasting, holistic comfort to those with restless skin problems through our products and ongoing consultation.

The 3HX™ Formula is In The Heart of Everything We Do

The ground-breaking 3HX™ formula, which has proven astounding benefits to the skin by supporting a healthy cell production inside and out. The complex process, which took a decade to perfect, allows for the extraction of the active ingredients within the herbs, which have then been used to create products that offer safe and effective results.

For People Who
Don’t Believe

We believe there can be better, safer and effective solutions to people who suffer from chronic skin conditions. For the ones who tried everything and have come to the frustrated point of “this is how it is”. We want to prove to them there is a better long lasting natural solution.

It Started by Accident

It all started by accident on a flight to San Francisco. One of our teammates, Nadav, realized the rash he had was more than just an itch.
It was a complicated skin condition called psoriasis. Nadav’s search for a solution led him deep into traditional Chinese medicine. But it also put him in contact with respected doctors in the West. He was convinced the way forward lay in harmonizing the two sciences.

Eventually, Nadav set up a team in a state-of-the-art lab in France to put the most powerful traditional remedies he’d discovered to the test of modern science. The work they did in the lab would earn the Medovie team 17 patents over the next 10 years. Those 17 patents told them they had a skincare product worth sharing with the world.

A Team of Scientists, Doctors, Clinical Researchers

Management wonks and digital creatives from around the world who came together to find real solutions for serious skin problems.
Along the way, we realized something that changed our lives.

With the right tech and the right customer care, we could do more than pioneer safer, more effective skincare products. We could actually build a community for many people (just like us) who struggle with skin conditions that have upended their lives.

Nadav Shraibom Scientific Founder
Sara Hamou Co-Founder
Marina Michael Community Manager of Medovie
Lia Rosenfeld CMO of Medovie
Kyriakos Constantinides Operations Manager

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Anu Singh

Dr. Anu Singh helped pioneer Medovie’s groundbreaking 3HX™ formula. She has a doctorate in neuroendocrinology with a background in biotechnology. She’s been active in the field for nearly 30 years with more than 100 patents and 150 research papers under her belt.

Dr. Manu Jaggi

Dr. Manu Jaggi has a doctorate in cancer biology and a background in pharmaceutical sciences. He’s been at the vanguard of international drug R&D for over 30 years with over 100 patents and 200 research papers in his name. At Medovie, he finds new ways the 3HX™ formula can be used to help people with chronic topical and systemic inflammation.

Veronica Kunert

Veronica Kunert is a clinical research professional who has been involved in international clinical drug R&D for almost 20 years. In addition to her work at Medovie, she represents the European branch of Symbio, a full-service clinical research organization with a focus on dermatology, ophthalmology, women’s health and internal medicine.


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