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  • Do you feel like your clinical practice could use some inspiration, revitalization, growth and development, and fresh perspectives?
  • Do you yearn for a deeper, more direct, and more authentic connection to the cultural roots of the medicine you practice?
  • Do you want to rekindle your love to the ancient wisdom of the Dao, which drew you to this medicine in the first place?
  • Do you dream of empowering yourself to access the classics of your medicine as directly as possible, with minimal interference from other voices?
  • Do you feel a burning need to learn how to truly practice Chinese medicine and cultivate virtue in the tradition of Sun Simiao’s “great doctor,” so as to harmonize heaven and earth?
  • Or do you simply want to go back to the very basics and review the meaning of Yin and Yang?

It has been my honor and joy and passion for the past thirty plus years to share my love of traditional Chinese medicine with contemporary practitioners in the West. To fulfill this mission most effectively, I have developed three paths: book-length publications; my Imperial Tutor mentorship; and a variety of courses to teach you the art of reading the Chinese medicine classics.

Happy Goat Productions

Nurturing Life through the Body, Heart, and Spirit with the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

Stop by the booth to check out the books and pick up a free bookmark!

Sabine will be available to sign books and chat with attendees on the following days and times:

  1. Friday, November 4 at 5 pm
  2. Saturday, November 5 at 1 pm
  3. Sunday, November 6 at 11 am

If you are an old-fashioned book lover and want to dive deeply into the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, the Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica, traditional gynecology and pediatrics, or Wang Fengyi’s Five Element Virtue Healing, you can purchase my books and e-books at my online store, visit my public blog, and check out the many educational pages on my website at happygoatproductions.com to find out more about my publications and ongoing translation projects.


Imperial Tutor Mentorship

Translating Ancient Chinese Wisdom into Medicine for Today

Are you looking for an interactive, inspiring mentorship on traditional Chinese medicine and lively community interaction? In that case, I offer you revolving weekly posts with original translations and cultural information, often with a seasonal theme, and two popular monthly live events: My “Chinese Medicine History Train Lectures” and the “Tea Time Talks,” where I chat with leading voices in our profession on the modern application of traditional Chinese medicine. Find out more and sign up for a $5 week-long trial:


Translating Chinese Medicine

Transform and Advance your Practice of Chinese Medicine by Learning to Read the Chinese Medicine Classics

If you have always dreamed of reading, translating, and applying our beloved historical literature by directly accessing the original sources in Chinese, you have come to the right place. I aim to offer something for everybody: from a totally free two-month course to a non-committal casual membership with weekly posts and monthly text readings, to my demanding year-long “Triple Crown” training program that teaches you a unique combination of academic language and clinical skills unequaled in the world.


About Sabine Wilms, PhD

My life’s work is rooted in my desire to share what I have learned from the ancient Chinese classics with dedicated practitioners and students of Chinese medicine. I have spent my entire adult life immersed in these teachings and have been profoundly affected by them. I am convinced that they offer powerful and elegant answers to many of the problems facing us today and can assist all of us in our healing work, as we strive to create harmony between Heaven and Earth.

The vision that I am manifesting here originated on a biodynamic orchard and goat farm two decade ago, where I learned about fertility, irrigating, and the importance of going beyond sustainability to restorative agriculture, by working my right brain and my left brain, my body, my heart, my spirit, and my soul to produce the best goat cheese west of the Mississippi, as my daughter proclaimed once.

Building on my previous language training in my native Germany in Latin, Greek, Japanese, English, and French, a PhD in East Asian Studies and Medical Anthropology from the University of Arizona in the US, and two years of studying modern and classical Chinese in Taiwan, I spent two years collaborating closely with Nigel Wiseman, as senior editor at Redwing Books and Paradigm Publications. This work initiated me into the art of producing top-quality translations of Chinese medical texts for a Western clinical audience in a professional context. I have been writing, teaching, translating, and publishing educational materials on authentic and truly “traditional” Chinese medicine ever since, from blogs to books, and from memberships to online courses and live events all over the world.

“I am passionate about empowering you to discover the roots of this ancient and precious medicine we practice. Let us join together to harmonize Heaven and Earth in the spirit of the ancient classics, one text, one body, one heart and spirit, one moment at a time…”


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