Energy USA Inc

Healing Nature

In defense to nature and with pure intention, it was made possible for us to develop an exceptionally efficient and timeless concept to regenerate the body and balance the mind.


Our products

All our products are made with deep responsibility, using

the latest knowledge of phytotherapy, aromatherapy and

homeopathy and respecting the principles of Traditional

Chinese medicine.


The Five Element Regeneration concept

Our basic offer consists of unique products developed according

to the highly effective method of the The Five Element

Regeneration®. These are five preparations representing the five

basic elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Although each

of them focuses on particular areas of human organism, these

products complement and balance each other and, all together, they

constitute a system for an efficient regeneration of the body.


About Us…

Energy is an original Czech company, established

in 1995. Sold worldwide with representations in many countries with the newest edition of New York.


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Energy USA Inc