In 2013, a good friend and former colleague, BJ Baker, the head athletic trainer at Pure Performance Training in Needham, MA, contacted me for recommendations on effective natural herbal products for treating sports injures. Unable to find the ideal product (and disappointed at what the market even had to offer), I promised BJ that I would develop a product to meet his need.

I didn’t know it then, but that simple promise would turn into 18 months of research and development. My first attempt was an utter failure (it got stuck on the inside the container and was completely unusable—talk about a bruise to the ego!), but with BJ’s patience and encouragement, all the hard work would lead to the creation of Dr. Guo’s 37 Healing Salve, a best-selling herbal product with all 5-star reviews online.

Today, my own brand, Dr. Guo’s™, offers 4 salves, each designed to assist with the healing process for specific ailments I commonly see in my own patients. Even though the original 37 healing salve was created for one friend, all four products are now being used by many health care and athletic professionals throughout the country and being carried by the leading medical supply company for the acupuncture profession, Lhasa OMS.

Dr. Guo is a licensed Acupuncturist, certified strength coach, and licensed chiropractor in AttleborO, MA, and the creator of Dr. Guo's™ Healing Salves


A minimum of 3 months of infusion is required before the extraction process begin. Sometimes a barrel of the infused oil will take longer to reach the ideal stage. It is common to take up 9 months to a year before the final product is released.

All of our salves are handcrafted in small batches with no added chemicals or preservatives. With over 20,000 units dispensed, we can assure you that each batch is still being made with the same level of dedication and care we had with our very first batch.


My “lab” is located in an old carriage house in the back of my clinic.  When I am not with patients, you will likely find me in here making a batch or tinkering with a new formula. The space is filled with 50-gallon vats of curing oil infusions, family-sized thermoses full of pure essential oils, jugs of high proof organic grain alcohol, brewing kettles and pounds upon pounds of loose herbs for infusing. Now six years into this journey and we have reached milestone of twenty thousand units dispensed. While still hand pouring some of the salves, a newly acquired dispensing machine has improved our productivity to meet the increased demand.

“I use 37 Healing Salve in my practice for all kinds of aches and
pains. My clients enjoy the immediate relief and the therapeutic smell.”

Maura Twomey, MAOM., Lic. Ac,


The manufacture of the herbal salves was and is informed by my long-time fascination with health and wellness. As a life long student of all things holistic, and with degrees in chiropractic, acupuncture and herbal medicine, I have attempted to extract the very best from each discipline and blend them into my own.  The same approach was also reflected in the formulation and production processes of the herbal salves.

That said, the 37 healing salve that started it all would have been impossible if wasn’t for the willing participation of my patients as my testing subjects along the journey.  Based on their constructive, sometimes blunt feedback, I kept improving the formula and perfecting the process.

I believe there is no such thing as a self-made success. Thank you to everyone who helped Dr. Guo’s™ become what it is today!

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