2019 Exhibitors

This year again, Pacific Symposium will have the great privilege of welcoming a fabulous group of exhibitors across 3 separate halls. From needles to herbs, CBD products, books, aromatherapy, practice building tools or skin care lines, the variety of resources available to you is actively curated year after year to offer you the very best.

The list will be updated as more exhibitors sign up for 2019. We greatly encourage you to stop by each booth and say hello. You’ll meet amazing, passionate people such as yourself, and likely collect quite a bit of swag on the way!

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The exhibitors are listed by company name, in alphabetical order. Please use the search filter below to find a specific exhibitor by name.

Exhibit Hall Hours

Friday, Nov. 1

10:30AM - 2:15PM 4:45PM - 7:00PM

Saturday, Nov. 2

10:30AM - 2:15PM 4:45PM - 7:00PM

Sunday, Nov. 3

8:30AM - 1:00PM
Sun Ten Laboratories Logo

Sun Ten Laboratories


Main distributor of Sun Ten pharmaceutical-grade Chinese herbal extracts.

TCM Zone Logo

TCM Zone


Provider of high-quality authentic Oriental medicine herbal products that continue to raise the standards in herbal medicine.

The Egoscue Method logo

The Egoscue Method


Offers certification programs for health practitioners to advance their career in client wellness and pain elimination.

Treasure of the East


Exceptional Purity and Potency Herbs Sourced Directly from the Farms Made by the World’s Largest Producer of Granule Herbs For 25 years, TCM professionals have counted on Treasure of the East for herbal extracts of exceptional purity and potency. Treasure of the East herbs are extracted from geo-authentic ingredients that are sourced directly from over …

Unified Practice Logo

Unified Practice


Technology dedicated to the needs of TCM physicians, including Electronic Medical Records.

UPC Medical Supply logo

UPC Medical Supply


UPC Medical Supplies offers a complete of acupuncture supplies ranging from acupuncture needles, e-Stims, TDP Lamps to Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Vida+ logo



Phivida is a premium functional food and beverage company that believes whole plant nutrition and natural ingredients is our best way to maintain overall health and balance in our bodies. We infuse organic active hemp extract into a variety of premium foods, beverages and clinical products for everyday health.

We embrace and celebrate a return to organic, natural, plant-based foods and beverages, and a focus on holistic health and wellness. Our mission is to help reduce the world’s dependence on pharmaceuticals and provide food and beverage choices that allow our customers to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


BOOTH# 55 & 56

HEALTH BODY WORLD SUPPLY INC. dba The Wabbo Company specializes in the wholesale of high quality Acupuncture Needles, Natural Herbal Formulas, Moxa, Cupping Sets, TDP Heat Lamps, Electro-therapy Stimulators, Foot Spa and Massage products. Our company works within the standards of the FDA 510K, ISO9001, CE and the GMP, which are consistent with country security requirements. We vow to bring you affordable prices that are especially suited for your specific company needs.

Wholistic Dr


Wholistic Dr is an online platform where holistic doctors/practitioners can become members in order to list their practice based on distance, insurance, cost and reviews. By becoming a member they can join our network of holistic doctor/practitioners referral list. Patients can make appointments by using our website, smart devices (google home/amazon Alexa) or our mobile app called WholisticDr Planner. Doctors/Practitioners not only can talk/text but also can exchange Patients’ health records, lab works, prescriptions, etc. to patients and other WholisticDr members by using our HIPPA complaint tele-medicine virtual health care using Artificial Intelligence (AI).