Diagnostic Ashi Points

Matt Callison, MS, LAc Date: November 02 Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm PST CEU(s): 3 Learn more about Matt Callison

About this course:

Points of tenderness found in the human body have been palpated and treated since the beginning of humankind. In TCM, ashi points were first mentioned in the Tang Dynasty text Thousand Ducat Prescriptions and they are still used today to treat pain. Understanding that the channels and collaterals respond to pathologies in a predictable manner by manifesting ashi tenderness, we can see that an ashi point is a diagnostic sign of a specific underlying causative factor. This workshop will define diagnostic ashi points that reflect the status of the jing luo and the zang fu. These diagnostic ashi points include: motor points, trigger points, chapman reflexes, source-yuan, connecting-luo, and cleft-xi. In general, tenderness of diagnostic ashi points indicates that they should be included in the treatment protocol. This lecture will also discuss and demonstrate treatment methods and needle techniques, both traditional and modern-day innovations, that are geared toward treating the excess and/or deficient qualities of these ashi points.