Pain Management: Point Selections

Jeffrey Yuen, M.Sc., L.Ac Date: November 03 Time: 11:10am - 12:00pm PST CEU(s): 1 Learn more about Jeffrey Yuen

About this course:

Pain management is one of the most common issues confronting all medicine. Historically, pain was commonly encountered in the Chinese military and its subsequent management has evolved into one of the leading specialties of Chinese medicine – wai ke, or external medicine. Many of its principles have been retained in the study of die dat, sports medicine or “bonesetting”, which provides practitioners with guidelines on how to manipulate the sinews and bones. Crucial to this understanding is the angle of manipulation, local and distal selection, bilateral and/or contralateral inclusion, and activation or desensitization of certain points or areas. This session will explore the principles and techniques associated with this specialty and its relevance in pain management.