Maximizing the Energetic Effects of Acupuncture Treatment

Jill Blakeway, DACM, LAc Date: November 02 Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm PST CEU(s): 3 Learn more about Jill Blakeway

About this course:

In this workshop, Dr. Blakeway will share practical tools that practitioners can use in their own clinics to maximize acupuncture’s energetic effects. We will discuss the Tao as the container for human experience, qi as the body’s intelligence, and the role both play in self-healing. We will explore the various prompts, physical, psychological, and emotional, that practitioners can give their patients to encourage the body to recalibrate.

As part of a broader discussion on the science of connection, the class will look at the work of the Princeton PEAR lab and the CUNY mouse studies, as well as their significance to acupuncturists. Dr. Blakeway will also explain the role of the electromagnetic fields around major organs in the body. As part of her research, she allowed the fields around her heart and brain to be measured with an EEG and EKG while she was treating patients. The results showed that, as an acupuncturist, her body is making measurable adjustments and, due to the effect of mirror neurons, the patient responds by entering a more receptive state.

There will be particular emphasis on breathing exercises and postural adjustments that help the practitioner to direct their own qi in order to enhance the vibratory effect of needling. In addition, while looking at the scientific basis for acupuncture, we will explore the embryological foundation of the acupuncture points, the significance of de qi, and the effect of acupuncture on connective tissue—in particular, acupuncture’s relationship with the fascia.

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