Introduction to Peak Performance: Optimizing your Practice

Amy Albright, DACM Date: October 31 Time: 9:55am - 10:45am PST CEU(s): 1 Learn more about Amy Albright

About this course:

Biohacking, an emergent area of healthcare, has been defined as the use of science and technology to change both the inner and outer environment to become the best version of self. In this course, we will discover the commonalities between TCM and biohacking, exploring questions such as:

  • What if TCM is a form of biohacking?
  • How are the philosophies and treatment principles of TCM and biohacking aligned?
  • How might our TCM practices be enhanced by introducing treatments and metrics of biohacking?
  • Will we provide evidence for the efficacy of our traditional treatments using these methods?

Biohacking has much to provide to us and our patients: our TCM practices can be enhanced by the introduction of biohacking treatments and metrics. Albright will introduce specific biohacking equipment and testing, teach us how to prescribe their usage via TCM theory to improve the efficacy of our treatments, and ultimately better resolve our patients’ health challenges. For example, we can increase the efficacy of our treatments for sleep disorders by combining the patient’s reported experience of sleep with data provided by a high-tech sleep data tracker. This additional information helps us to better modify our use of herbs, acupuncture, and other TCM modalities to bring the patient the results they seek. It also reassures the patients that they are making improvements and keeps them engaged in their own care.