Cannabis and CBD Hemp from a TCM Perspective: Applications and Preparations

Pre-Symposium Chad Conner, MSOM Date: October 29 Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm PST CEU(s): 14 Learn more about Chad Conner

About this course:

In this two-day course, cannabis medicine practitioner, educator, and CEO Chad Conner will teach the traditional history of cannabis sativa use in natural medicine. Day one will focus on TCM and Ayurvedic perspectives and will cover how to add cannabis sativa into traditional Chinese herb combinations and formulas. Class members will have a chance to explore the importance of dosage and modes of administration in achieving maximum results. This includes how to personalize the ratios of CBD to THC and terpene profiles, and how to read a Certificate of Analysis and apply it to TCM theory—keys to maximizing the adaptogenic qualities of this powerfully healing plant.

In day two, Conner will teach how to make topical applications infused with the proper herbs to combine with cannabis sativa from a TCM perspective, one of the most effective ways to use this powerful plant to heal. Applications will include salves, infused oils, plasters, and gels. Class members will examine how topical cannabis sativa applications work with the endocannabinoid system from a biomedical perspective. Conner will also explore the importance of dosage and the use of natural skin penetration enhancers to maximize the effectiveness of the herbs and therapeutic molecules.

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