As we begin the fourth decade of Pacific Symposium…

it is inspiring to see both the pioneers and the newer generations of practitioners continuing to advance our medicine, often in remarkable and surprising ways. This year we bring our diverse faculty to the beautiful Catamaran Resort, on the San Diego Bay and one block from the Pacific Ocean.

It is always rewarding to see medical doctors who fully embrace Chinese medicine. We are honored to host Stephen Cowan, MD for a two-day workshop before the main event. He will present the Western concept of the neuro-gastro-immune complex that classical Chinese medicine conceptualized two thousand years ago as the San Jiao. He will apply both as means to understanding the dynamic processes of child development and treating chronic inflammation that manifest as fibromyalgia, allergies, intolerances, anxieties and developmental disorders such as ADHD and autism. Moshe Heller will also address pediatric allergies in during the main event.

While Cowan and Heller address children, Claudia Citkovitz will show us how to care for the new mothers. Stellar veteran faculty Jeffrey Yuen, Matt Callison, and Brian Bradley will address physical medicine and treatment of pain. Other veterans like Lillian Bridges, Jill Blakeway, Kiiko Matsumoto, and Janet Zand, Bill Helm, Robert Nations,  and Chad Conner will cover everything from CBDs to the microbiome to qi gong. John Chen and Holly Guzman will present two-hour workshops to fulfill NCCAOM safety and ethics requirements.

Keeping it fresh, Pacific Symposium is pleased to introduce the following speakers to our audience for the first time: Susan Johnson, Amy Albright, Deirdre Courtney, Hillary Thing, and Dustin Dillberg, as well as the aforementioned Stephen Cowan and Moshe Heller. While new to Pacific Symposium, they represent decades of clinical experience across a fascinating array of topics. You will want to see them again!

We have two very special evening events. Jason Prall, producer of the Human Longevity Project will share experiences and scenes from the project and discuss the effects of circadian rhythm and chronobiology in a clinical setting. Grammy-nominated artists Rick Gold and Ron Yuval, with special guest Uyanga Bold, will discuss the healing effects of sound and demonstrate its power.

Last but not least, our community.

Every year old and new friends gather together to learn, share and celebrate. Whether you join the Symposium in person or online through our easy-to-use distance education platform, we welcome you.

See you soon.

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